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MACDS is committed to supporting Montana service providers as well as individuals with disabilities and the people who care about them. The following resources may be helpful as you seek additional information, referrals, or assistance. If you are unable to find what you need, please email us at

Montana DPHHS Divisions and Programs Websites

Disability Employment and Transitions Division:
Visit Disability Employment and Transitions Division Online

Developmental Services Division/Developmental Disabilities Program:
Visit Developmental Services Division/Developmental Disabilities Program Online

Senior and Long Term Care:
Visit Senior and Long Term Care Online

Big Sky Waiver Program:
Visit Big Sky Waiver Program Website

Big Sky Waiver Program Policy Manual:
Big Sky Waiver Program Policy Manual Website

Quality Assurance:
Visit Big Sky Waiver Program Website

Adult Protective Services:
Visit Adult Protective Services Website

Service for Montanans with Disabilities:
Visit Service for Montanans with Disabilities Website

Montana – Legislative – Rules

Montana Official State Website:
Visit Montana Official State Website Website

Montana State Legislature:
Visit Montana Official State Website

Administrative Rules of Montana:
Visit Administrative Rules of Montana Website


Montana Nonprofit Association:
Visit Montana Nonprofit Association Website

Kaiser Family Foundation:
Visit Kaiser Family Foundation Website


Tech Soup – Technology for nonprofits (at discount):
Visit Tech Soup Website

Apple Accessibility:
Visit Apple Accessibility Website

Bridging Apps:
Visit Bridging Apps Website

Microsoft Accessibility:
Visit Microsoft Accessibility Website


Rehabilitation Services Administration:
Visit Rehabilitation Services Administration Website

Association of People Supporting Employment:
Visit Association of People Supporting Employment Website

Washington Initiative for Supporting Employment:
Visit Washington Initiative for Supporting Employment Website


Montana Council on Developmental Disabilities:
Visit Montana Council on Developmental Disabilities Website

Montana Council on Developmental Disabilities Directory of Services:
Visit Montana Council on Developmental Disabilities Website to Download

University of Montana Rural Institute:
Visit University of Montana Rural Institute Website

Social Security:
Visit Social Security Website

State of the States – University of Colorado:
Visit State of the States Website

Visit ANCOR Website

Visit NADSP Website

United States Census:
Visit United States Census Website


Montana State Fund – Work Comp:
Visit Montana State Fund Website

Free Conference Call:
Visit Free Conference Call Website

Criminal History:
Visit Criminal History Website

Driver History Records:
Visit Driver History Records Website

Social Security Business Services Online:
Visit Social Security Business Services Website


Visit NADSP Website

Open Future Learning:
Visit Open Future Learning Website

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